June 18, 2022

Outamation Inc. Launches Robotic Process Automation and Technology solutions to Enable Service-based Industries to Embrace Digital Transformation

Outamation Inc., an automation and digital transformation-based service provider offers customized solutions that is changing how businesses embrace and leverage the world of digitization.

“What sets us apart from the competition is our commitment to working closely with executives and experts from leading companies to precisely understand their unique business and process challenges,” said Sapan Bafna, Founder and Managing Director of Outamation Inc. “In an increasingly technologically connected world, it is critical to enable companies to leverage the full benefits of automating complex workflow tasks through targeted solutions. Our proprietary methodology, Drip Innovation by Outamation™, is a powerful template to achieve this.”

Bafna has spent over two decades creating unique solutions to solve specific client business process challenges. Prior to founding Outamation Inc., Bafna held senior leadership roles at CoreLogic. Throughout his tenure spanning more than 19 years, Bafna has transformed operations, sales, and technology development teams to build innovative solutions for the mortgage industry. Bafna also led the development of analytical decisioning models, including defaulted mortgage loans, solutions for accelerating data entry, OCR technology, document generation, document fulfillment and led the automation initiatives.

“Pairing my expertise with partners and analysts that span across multiple disciplines is what will make Outamation truly a unique automation solutions provider,” said Bafna. “From robotic process automation to total digital transformation, we are excited to announce that Outamation is officially open for business.”

To foster relationships with interested clients, Outamation is currently offering client perks including free consultations and one-year client warranties.

About Outamation

Outamation is a tech startup founded by fintech professionals with deep domain knowledge in workflow automation and rapid application development. The Outamation team has worked in North AmericaEurope, and APAC, with more than 150 years of collaborative experience in technology industries. Using their proprietary Drip innovation by Outamation™ approach, they innovate and deliver solutions faster. The depth of technology and subject matter expertise has made Outamation a trusted partner for clients and partners in the real estate and healthcare industries. Contact Outamation directly at sapan.bafna@outamation.com to learn more about their data, solutions, and platform offerings.